Will buying full version avoid upgrading my dongle?

Hey, guys.

I’m currently running 11 Pro. I’m considering 13, but I want to keep my dongle / 11 version separate.

My understanding is that an upgrade will upgrade the license on the dongle . If I buy a full version of 13 pro, will it leave my 11 license / dongle alone, or does it get upgraded anyway?

Yes it will. It will just state in the eLicencer that your licence has been upgraded.

You will still be able to run CB11 and previous versions using the Dongle.

Also with the new licencing system, a CB13 license will allow you to run CB12, if I’m not mistaken.


No. This would happen only if you would update/upgrade the license.

If you buy a new full license, the old one remains untouched.

Why do you want to keep your old license and have 2 licenses?

@Martin.Jirsak. The part I didn’t pay enough attention to.

Thank you.

Why are you so determined to avoid an update on the dongle? If you update to 13 Pro, you cannot avoid updating the dongle licence - but that updated licence will still run Cubase 11 and earlier. The updated licence cannot be used for a further update (though you can update the full 13 Pro licence you will also receive), also you may need to update the eLicenser Control Center database on your machines for the updated 11 Pro licence to be recognised. Even so, there are minimal drawbacks and considerable savings to be had by updating from 11 Pro to 13 Pro.

As @Martin.Jirsak correctly says, you can buy a 13 Pro full licence if you wish, leaving your 11 Pro licence untouched.

Thanks, Martin. That’s what I was thinking but didn’t want to assume.

Perhaps I’m not understanding what happens on an upgrade correctly. Since the new licensing model doesn’t use the dongle, I thought what happened is that an upgrade essentially bricked the dongle. 13 can run without a dongle, but if for whatever reason I want to uninstall 13 and revert to 11 I don’t want anything to prevent my doing so.

Perhaps the correct question is, if I upgrade to 13, will 11 keep working normally on the updated dongle even if I uninstall 13? Making an irreversible decision is my primary concern.


This will work even if you buy the update. With the update, there will be Cubase Pro 11 (not updatable) license, so you can start Cubase 11 (and older) with this license on the USB-eLicenser.

Not in my experience given the newer non-eLicenser system of most of the new Steinberg releases, ie: my dongle(s) stay the same and show the same licences as they always did wheras the new licensing /authorising system in independent of that.

One thing that is annoying however is that some apps /plus /VIs still use the eLicenser & so when Cubase /Nuendo boots, it still winges about that as an error, then is simply dismissed. Annoying tho’

Thanks, Martin.

In addition to wanting 11 around just in case, I also have a scenario where I may use Cubase 7 for a live band thing. The laptops are 32 bit, hence the need to run 7, which I wouldn’t be able to do if the dongle was hardwired for the new auth system only.

As long as I can still run my older versions off the dongle I should be fine.

Sorry I don’t follow. What is not in your experience, what exactly are you referring to?

The Dongle isn’t hard wired. It will just state in the eLicencer that "Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing*.

I’ve upgraded to 12 from 11, and am still able to use the Dongle.

Currently, I have CB11, 5 and SX3 installed on a system using a Dongle I upgraded from.

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Thanks for all the help, guys. Much appreciated.

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