Will C5 songs (w/HAO) load and work in C6?

Since C6 replaces HalionOne with Halion SE I’m wondering
if songs done in C5 (using sounds from the VST Collection)
will load and work properly in C6?


In a video, i saw yesterday (can’t remember which one), they said that the DVD contains a copy of Halion One for compatibility of older projects. You’ll have to install it manually.

Tanx horsed for that info.

Ill try and find that video.

I found the video again… here it is:


It’s all in german… not sure if you understand it, but it’s approximately at 7:50, when he talks about HalionSonic SE! :sunglasses:

Lol … I wonder if there will also be an update for the ‘Synthesizer’ Sound set owners …
You know there is still the option of running HALion One in Cubase 6 (since you already have Cubase 5)

What I don’t understand is can you use HALion SE in any regard simply by purchasing C6 or CA6?

Is this irrefutably true?

I am pretty sure it is …
the old A1 Plugin That was included with Cubase SX3 seems to run just fine within Cubase 4/5
So I do not see a reason why HALion One Shouldn’t run on Cubase 6

But I indeed understand that the content that was included with Cubase 5 (Including VST Soundset Vol 1)
will be included in HALion Sonic SE Format
The Only Question that remains is if the VST Soundset Synthesizer will get an update so that this will also work with HALion Sonic SE