Will choosing different MIDI channels for each track help with CPU load?

I’ve had a couple of heavy projects that caused playback to stall for a few seconds. The worst one was a project from the VSL library where I used the Synchron Player for each single track, but this project only had like 58 tracks, so it wasn’t that heavy. Apparently Synchron player is not well optimized for Apple Silicon Ultra chips, according to VSL themselves, and Apple doesn’t provide them with all the technical documentation they need.

That said, I have worked on projects that were three times the size with barely any tracks with VSL stuff and they played without problems.

But I also had a few that caused the playback to go mute and then resume a few seconds later, and in between some weird noises could be heard.

Now, this is a Mac Studio M1 Ultra with 64 GB of RAM and a 4 TB internal drive, which can get up to speeds of 7 GB per second, at least according to the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test and the AmorphousDiskMark. So it’s a machine you can throw anything at.

But of course when you have 100+ tracks with SINE player, Kontakt, Opus, VSL and whatnot, it gets really heavy.

I never paid any attention to the channel, until I started using SINE player more and because every instrument you load after the first one increases the channel by 1, it seemed like a useful thing to test out instruments. I would just select a different channel in the track inspector and only listen to the instrument that was loaded in that channel.

But then it occurred to me, what if I assign each channel to a different number, and after 16 I just go back to 1 and start over? So I tried that in a project, and yes, it seemed to play fine whereas before the change it had a couple of hiccups.

But is that a real assessment, or did it just happen to play fine, and it doesn’t matter if 158 tracks are assigned to channel 1, or 6 or 15?