Will CMC-FD's ever follow channel config ?

I’m really surprised that were on 8.0.2 and still CMC-FD’s assign themselves to whatever track order you have in Cubase. I want my CMC-FD’s to follow the configuration of the mixer window, so that if I’m just viewing VCA Faders, then my 3 FD’s assign themselves to the first 12 VCA faders. And if I change to show FX and Group channels, then my FD’s assign themselves to the first 12 of those.

A workaround is to keep on moving what tracks you want to use, to the top of the Project window - but that doesn’t work at all for VCA chanels: they never get assigned to FD’s (at least not for me !).

Does anyone know if Steinberg are ever going to add this ? Is it just a CMC issue or is it something to do with the MCU and therefore affecting most controllers ?

A disappointing response from Steinberg on this:

I will definitively create an entry in our bugbase for this case.
But at the moment I do not think that this problems will be issued with a high priority.

The CMC series is discontinued and has been removed from the shop almost a year ago.
We keep the drivers up to date but at this point i do not belive that we have free resources to adjust the compatibility with Cubase versions, which has been release after we stopped the sale of the CMC.