Will Cubase 10 Elements open files from Cubase VST 5?

I have a number of old Cubase VST 5 files. I don’t have access to Cubase VST 5 anymore. I’m considering buying Cubase Elements 10 in order to access those files. Will there be any problem doing this? I appreciate any help that can be offered.

If memory doesn’t fail me, I think the last Cubase version that was able to open old .all files was SX 3.

As stated above, SX was the last version that could import .all files. However, if you have a newer version, such as elements 10 you would be able to bring the files in using a two stage process. If you have a. Current license to a newer version you can download SX (or probably SE if your license is for Elements) to import your .all files and then save them as .cpr files which can be edited in Elements 10.