will Cubase 10 projects open on older versions of Cubase ?

Hi I am working with a friend abroad on a project but he is way behind working still on Cubase 5.
I sent him the track and on his system the timing is all over the place. After cutting and chopping and moving it around he got it to sit ok. He recorded several tracks and sent them to me, but when trying to open them and import them into my system my cubase 10 crashes
We are both on PC

I am wondering whether 10 will not work with versions so far back?

Anyone know about this ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, should open up fine. Not all features will be there, but at least your project should open up. Good luck!


Thank you Nexis.
I wonder what the problem is then…hmm…

No not cubase 5. Backward (or maybe it is called forward compatibility?) started later then that, in 7 sure, 6 maybe… 5 would not even load from 6.

I am sure a bout 7 though. I had a project in C9 that would crash on loading. I tried all my older cubases and it crashed all but 7. After I saved it there it opened again in 9.

Thanks for your input.
interesting…well my project opened up fine in his old version but just played back at a different position. BUT when he sent me his audio files MINE (version 10) would crash, so this is very strange.

Just a thought. It is possible to install older versions on your v10 licence. Maybe working with the same version is an idea? To be very safe you would also need the same plugin versions as for example kontakt won’t load in older versions.
It is somewhat of a can of worms. Unless you restrict yourselves to pure audio. It all depends on what needs to be done.

I can open sx 2 projects in 9.5 (didnt try 10 yet) and I just opened elements 8 projects in c pro 10. Project compability is an awesome thing with cubase IMO.

Cubase 5 eh? The last version that was, you know…

Opened 9.5 project in 5th. Clips are all fine! Cool!

This hasn’t been updated since C8, but the trend is clear