Will Cubase 6.0.3 have 64bit ReWIRE functionality

just wondering (with the announcement that Propellerhead Reason 6 WILL have 64bit ReWire), if
the ensuing release of Cubase 6.0.3 will be able to run as a Master-64 bit reWire HOST,
and facilitate connectivity to a 64bit reWire client application ?


Maybe you didn’t see the release date in that PH announcement too (30th Sept)…? The cubase 6.0.3 update is scheduled for release by end of this month.

Voila! :slight_smile:

quick pounce Puma,
yes I did see+read the release dates from both Software Vendors.
One would hope, that [the] collaboration between the vendors would dictate/motivate/drive (for the advancement of their respective products hopefully) that they share the proposed new features, so that they can plan AHEAD in preparation for new technologies moving forward into the development lifecycle of their products.

Q) Do you think Steingberg/PH/AVID/or_other_SoftwareVars for example wait until AFTER the official release of an O/S before they can start to plan and roadMap->Develop their offering… of course not…! they get pre releases of the up and coming OS = new features, development tool kits, API documentations, softwareDevelopmentKits (SDK) in order to stay ahead of the curve, similarly PH would (I am sure) have close working relationships (With software non disclosure/privacy agreements), so that Steinberg can have (hopefully sooner rather than later) an offering for, in this case/discussion 64bit_ReWire.

Hi StefK,

I’m absolutely with you, and its all good stuff what you write… I’m sure (have to believe/hope…!) a lot of that behind the scenes ‘collaboration’ between companies does indeed occur. :slight_smile:

In this instance however, I cannot see that PH would allow Steinberg (or any other company) to pre-empt their worldwide release of ReWire64 (Reason 6), by including it in a ‘competing’ product. Plans may (should…!) be afoot for a further release by SB (as-soon-after 30th Sept) to include such goodies, but no way is anyone releasing an official PH ReWire64 capable/endorsed app before PH do. My opinion…

Some thoughts on your question:- can’t see that any software house would sensibly put out to the public a product that contains or relies on ‘unofficial/unreleased’ versions of third-party components; I’m sure SB and many others have been testing/running with the upcoming MAC OS ‘Lion’ release for example, and they could claim product compatibility already. But until those products are tested/verified ok on the ACTUAL version of the Apple software thats released to the public, can they deem 100% like-for-like safe and stable use. Same with ReWire64 I would say… :wink:

So in summary, no - I wouldn’t think there will be ReWire64 in C6.0.3 though I would hope it could be in another Cubase release soon after 30th Sept (unless there is special permission from PH beforehand…! Oh, and you can tell, that’s just to cover my backside…!! :slight_smile: )


Hi Bob,
thanks for your reply and info, and reading back your post, I am nodding my head in agreement,
yep there is no way that PH [or any software/hardware manufacturer] would allow another vendor
to release before them, and take any honours in ‘cutting the ribbon’ as it were …
seeing as reWire is IP belonging to PH