Will Cubase 6 have docking windows?


Will Cubase 6 have docking windows? At least the mixer maybe?

I can’t seem to find anything on this.




Cubase/Nuendo is pretty well set in how it works.

I think there was a drive towards for example having less modal dialogs, ie those that take over the display.

Even with mediabay you need to click elsewhere, from what I can recall you cannot hit “ESCAPE”.

Now the above would be interesting if implemented.

As for dockable windows, well if I could at least dock the transport bar I’d be happy.


I would like to see AudioPool and Media Bay with its own “inspector” window on the project, perhaps on the left and resizable.
It would be very helpful if you could act directly on the AudioWarp part in the project window.
For the rest I think that everything is ok.

+1 to this and “Always on Top” for pool.

Here’s the SB thinking/comment (or ‘statement’) behind why BeatDesigner and MB don’t have ‘Always On Top’
http://cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=989497#989497 (june 2010)

(This applies to single monitor use as well of course)

I don’t Maximise (haven’t done for years and years…!) so none of this is ever an issue for me - my workflow is pretty good using Alt+tabbing or ‘f’ keys (maybe I’ve just got used to it how it is…!?! :wink: ). Anyhow, as others have suggested, I too would guess C7 is when there’s any major shift about how the whole application/window/plugins/browser etc space works.

If you learn how to use the hotkeys and set up your Workspaces a lot of this need becomes redundant.
It’s why they have built in about five ways (at least) to use Cubase.

Why docking windows anyway? Just a computer version of flared trousers innit? Be out of date next year.

Workspaces don’t resolve problems.
I shot a video on purpose: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDjRD2rumFo
Too many time in sizing, resizing, searching and resolving windows…
I don’t think this is the best way to work on.

Hi Tomateck

There are many windows that don’t even have “Always on Top” so I believe the priority should be on obtaining that goal first before any “docking” can be performed.

Actually docking and always on top are two completely different programing interface issues. Always on top only refers to child windows. Docking simply requires a panel oriented infrastructure.

The two issue just don’t relate at all from a programming stand point.

Maybe not from a programming standpoint, but from a program management standpoint, they are one and the same.

No not at all, they can add docs without changing anything in the way the children work now. You should quit spouting off about coding issues. Are you just trying to drive up your post count?

Maybe you should actually read the manual and associated information at the steinberg website before you attempt to assail the credibility of others.

Dude, I’ve been working with the SDKs through the web sites, the news groups and the mailing lists for years and years. I’m aware of many of their design choices and reasons for doing things a certain way.

You are trying to spew some kind of bogus pseudo reasoning that would explain why things are the way they are. But, you don’t have any facts to go with it. Being in the manual doesn’t tell you how the code works.

The Steinberg make choices like any other software company. But, your explanations of what those decisions are based on is sophistry personified.

Hi Tomateck

This problem with workspaces you decribe in your video exists only since 5.5.0 and in my experience affects the key, list and drum editor (and probably only on OS X). I think it has nothing to do with the setting “always on top”, my workspaces containing the arrange window and the various views of the mixer (without “always on top”) still work fine whereas every workspace containing one of the midi editors (with the exception of the score editor though) is completely useless now…

I asked Steinberg support in Germany about it and they confirmed the bug promising that a fix would come in one of the following versions. But unfortunately until now it hasn’t shown up…

For me that’s quite a serious bug, I relied very much on the use of workspaces especially to set up my midi editors and before 5.5 it worked flawlessly. I really, really hope this will be corrected in C6.

The bottom line is a lot of us spend more time resizing windows than we should. I understand there are prioritizations in what features will get developed first. I’m a professional developer and understand that part very well. I’m pretty happy with what I see with the Cubase 6 feature set in regards to the editing enhancements but I would always prefer that a DAW company spend more time on workflow instead of plugins (like the new guitar sim stuff in Cubase 6).

Sonar X1 has docking windows and it looks great, I almost switched just for that. As for the docking paradigm being a “fad” I don’t think that is the case. It is a pattern widely used. Windows snap is another incarnation of it. If the Steinberg devs use Visual Studio C++, they are probably using it every day while coding.

Steinberg devs, keep up the good work, but I want docking!


I like Bentley… entertaining guy. :smiley: Anyway…

Me being one of the (apparently) few people on the planet who actually kinda likes Media Bay :slight_smile:,

(not sure why people rag on it, the idea is pretty sound imo, maybe because I also use the Vegas media manger database thing which is kinda sorta similar, anyway)

Every time I ever used MediaBay for long periods of time I wish I just could have docked it on the right or bottom of the screen so it would just stay there, attached to the main window physically, until I get through with it… like it does in Vegas.

I can’t believe I’m the only person here who’s ever had that thought about Media Bay. Maybe I am… dunno…

Anyway, docks themselves also can close so anyone who doesn’t like using them (like most things) would just never open a dock and never dock anything. Not sure why that’s a problem for anyone but… it’s the net so…

But I like MediaBay… always did.

I cannot stand docking windows. What a waste…one of the reasons I do not care much for the new Wavelab…or soundforge for that matter. I hope that fad passes soon and I do not have to endure it in cubase.

I haven’t demoed Wavelab. Is it that bad? Are the docks “forced”? If so, yeah, I wouldn’t necessarily want that either.

But I hear you. There are good and bad implementations for sure and there are people who hate all of them and have every right to hate them all. I try not to begrudge the preferences of others so… yeah. If you hate 'em, you have a perfect right to hate 'em.

Thanks Wizard. Best regards.

I guess that’s the point, we can’t resize things like VST windows, they are always the same size even though the specification supports it if implemented by the plugin developer.

I’m happy for a choice but when preceding priorities aren’t even anywhere near implementation, it all just sounds like whinging and moaning.

Wavelabs interface isn’t as bad as some are suggesting. It isn’t as good as it could have been either. The one real irritation is that it doesn’t have drag&drop docks. You have to use a goofey panel creator that you can doc pretty much anything to. You can add as many panels and size them pretty much anyhow you want.
Here’s the default …
Here’s after I added a couple panels
Then here is my actual meter panel.
These panels are free floating and can be placed on any monitor. The main interface is paneled, but it is semi-fixed.