Will Cubase 6 have Portico EQ and Comp plug in's?

Wow when I heard Yamaha was working with Rupert Neve, I was very excited. I have the Portico pre’s, Eq’s and comps and just love them. Though I don’t expect the plug ins to sound just like the hardware, I am sure they will get close enough that during mixdown, I may just use the plug ins instead of using my hardware as inserts. If they decide to include these plug ins in Cubase 6, those who use Studio One, Reaper, and other DAW’s may be very tempted to come to Cubase. To be honest the EQ’s and comps in Cubase 5 are pretty clean and well…not too exciting. Sonar and Logic has much more colorful effects.


Well, it’d be great to have some alternative built-in EQs to choose from for sure. But I’d rather see the Cubase EQs disappear from the screen to be replaced by an EQ plugin of our choice.


It would be great if we could get it for free in C6,although i doubt it.
Probably we will find out at NAMM’s announcements.

Someone asked this question in the lounge and Ed Doll responded that the answer was “No” and they will be sold separately. :frowning:

Typically Steinberg :unamused:
Well,i have the Neve UAD plug ins so i won’t bother buying them…


Can’t see it happening myself… i’ve been lucky to be able to get my hands on one or two of the real thing and they are wonderful! truly special… there’s no way it’s gonna happen as a ‘free’ plugin.
Rupert Neve truly is a genius! was lucky enough to record a Monette trumpet through the Se RNR1 Neve designed ribbon and one of the portico units we had on approval… oooooooooooh… drooooool :smiley: absolute magic!

The UAD Neve plug ins will not sound like the Portico gear. They are a completley different design. Though I don’t have the UAD Neve, I have used the demo as well as Waves V Series. Neither has the character of the Portico gear. The transformers in the Portico give you a slightly larger sound, and the color is not as soft as both Neve plug ins from UAD and Waves.

I can tell you that I am pretty interested in the Portico plug ins at this point. Being able to get around 90% of the hardware sound on plug ins will be quite nice. I will do a A/B comparrison with a Portico EQ being an insert in Cubase 5 on a guitar and vocal track and wil compare the sound with the plug in. ( I assume there will be a demo). I will then advise you of my results. One thing that has to be considred is I will run my audio path out to Apogee Rosetta’s into the Portico and back into Cubase. So that alone will automatically make the two sound different.