Will Cubase 7 Be the Windows Vista for Steinberg?

Windows XP worked good, Vista looked good but worked like crap, Windows 7 works better then XP
Cubase 5,6, and 6.5 worked good, Cubase 7 looks good…but feels weird, on the fence with the working good part too early to say, I think there will be another Cubase that works better then 5,6,and 6.5 within 2 years max. I dont think Cuabse 7 stick with this design IMO.

‘Art is work’.
‘To sell it is art’

Sub-standard products or not,
a good look at the balance sheet(s) might show that
both Steiny and MS are pretty good artists.


unless you want to see it that way

My head produced exactly the same analogy of XP/Vista/7 <> SX/C 5+6/C7… :unamused:

Still there’s hope that Steinberg gets a lot of things right again in the Cubase 7 product cycle. Update 7.02 didn’t adress much of my personal priorities but maybe 7.5 will.

All in all I wouldn’t even say it’s ‘bad’ software - it works basically, doesn’t crash here etc. It’s not nice, when new features won’t work as smooth as they’re advertised in an initial release - but just a few would rave about I guess.

What I find unacceptable is feature killing. Cubase 7 is full of them which is a pure shame (.vmx-loss + re-adding halway only, mixer navigation with ctrl+click to jump to destinations - to name just two important ones).

Hey MarQs,

I agree with you 100%.

Not quite as embarrassing as Vista, but still embarrassing! The continued absence of a demo version is testament to amount of embarrassment currently felt by Steiny.

Workflow problems seem to creep in throughout the version history and never get ironed out, usually because they become overshadowed by additional, massive howling faux-pas that are introduced at the same time. Pointless unrequested changes and careless design/programming take up valuable development time when they have to be backed-out later. Things like disappearing automation points, transparent events, removal of track presets, broken elastique, broken variaudio, one-size-fits-all comping whether you want it or not, plus a zillion other self-inflicted things. The dev time needed to fix these could have been better utilised fixing bugs that were already outstanding, and make the product more solid.

The net result - 3 steps forward and 2 back. It’s still going forward, but in a really frustrating, fumbling way.

Sounds like my wife. :slight_smile: