Will Cubase Benefit from AMD over Xeons?


I’m currently using a pair of quad core 2.4 Xeons. Thinking of building another system.

Would Cubase benefit in any way by switching to AMD cpu’s?

What do you think of the performance of AMD’s in general for music / video / graphics?


AMD currently stands no chance to compete in performance with Intel, but their new Ryzen line will most likely change that.

That said, it’s running fine on AMD here.

Intel CPUs currently outperform AMD CPUs for a given clock speed (by quite a margin) and have done so for around ten years, Xeons tend to outperform consumer Intel CPUs at given clock speeds - but then that advantage is outweighed by the fact they generally run lower clock speeds.

As djw said, the new AMDs may change all that (so AMD are quietly claiming) but I suspect they will come with a new chipset, it will take a while for the new AMD platform to be proven in DAW applications, as there are often latency issues with new chipsets (driver bugs etc) so I’d stick with Intel if I were you.

(from another AMD user!) :slight_smile:

I have built and purchased several systems over the years, both AMD and Intel. I have always had at least some minor issue (and some major issues) with DAW performance using AMD, while nearly every Intel machine has been relatively trouble free. YMMV

Thanks Fellas…