Will Cubase drop Mackie Control support?

If and when Steinberg deems MIDI Remote capable of completely replacing Generic Remote will Mackie Control Protocol remain ?

we will probably never get an answer before it eventually happens. I see a big thread about the Faderport controller working great with the new script while it didn’t work well with the Mackie control. I am running the Faderport 16 myself via the Mackie control and it basically works just fine for my use atm,

Though I cannot imagine a reason to drop it, even if this happens, there can be a “generic” mr script to emulate all mcu functions. However, note that there are still missing functions in the mr compared to the mcu.

The generic remote is separate to the Mackie protocol. I can’t see them dropping that unless they have an official MCU template for the MIDI Remote which can deliver the same behaviour as the original.

There’s too many products out there, still being sold today that ship with ‘Cubase’ specific MCU modes. I can’t see any reason why they’d want to break compatibility and deal with the complaints in that realm.

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