Will Cubase Elements 9 run on mac os 10.10 with dual core


I recently purchased Cubase Elements 8 (new). The box says that a Cubase Elements 9 upgrade is available. I installed CE 8 on my machine (late 2008 aluminium case macbook with dual core processor, 8GB ram and mac os 10.10 yosemite. When it came to the soft eLicencer activation, using the code supplied with CE8, it seems to have created an eLicence for CE9. The installation and creation of the eLicence completed without error but CE8 does not run at all, and there is a message saying it requires a valid licence.

I believe I’ve got the option to upgrade to 9, but I am not sure if my macbook will run CE9. That’s the reason I bought a new version of CE8 now, in the first place.

So two questions really:

  1. Has anyone installed CE9 on a similar machine
  2. Am I forced to go with upgrading to CE9 or is there some way in which I can get an eLicence that works with CE8

I’ve created a ticket with Steinberg support for the latter, but have had no reply in just over a week now

Hello and welcome. The license issue should disappear with a license database update (eLicenser Control Center -> Support -> Update eLicenser Database). A dual-core CPU is the bare minimum for Cubase, a quad-core CPU is recommended:

Kind regards,

Thanks very much for the suggestions. I’ll definitely try the licence database update first. I also see that Cubase Elements 9 should work on El Capitan, and my macbook should also support upgrading from Yosemite to El Capitan (but not to Sierra). So if all else fails, I’ll go down that road! Unfortunately, with these old macbooks, the processor can’t be updated (i think it must be hardwired in) so I’m stuck with the core duo for now. Thanks again

You should still be able to do some work. You won’t probably be able to do a complete mixdown with a 150 plug-ins, but you will be able to record, program a few synthesizers (which you can render in order to free up resources once done), etc. You will find quite a few experienced users willing to help and recommend how to work around limitations here!

Thanks Fabio, it is working now. Strangely, the Elcc still shows my licence as being for cubase elements 9, but 8 runs fine after updating the DB. Kind Regards

Hi, nothing strange there, the license was turned to 9 due to the grace period (which in turn caused the issue with the database, as the eLCC installed with 8 doesn’t ‘know’ about 9, hence the need to update it). 8 runs fine because you can use any version previous to the license you own :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thanks for the explanation, Kind Regards