Will Cubase ever have bezier node based Controllers?

I’m sure this is a feature requested, no? To have node controllable vectors in cotroller lanes for CC1, CC11 etc., etc.
No need to respond unless you think it’s a good idea or want to expand on it. I’m new to Cubase and this is just one of the things that I’d like to see.


Waiting for that since forever, also for tempo of course

+1 for that.

Also the same options available for creating fades, including custom curves, would be awesome to have for both Automation and the Tempo track.

Let’s hope they’re working on it. Seems like an obvious step. But who knows. I sure would love it.

Does Cubase have a feature request form a la Sonar? I’ll go there and add my request if so.


Feature requests are posted in the music lounge. There is a chance this post will be moved there when a mod sees it :slight_smile:

Not after they spent years and only recently changed the handles on the old stuff. :mrgreen:
Leave Cubase to your kids. They might get them. :laughing:

Thanks, Strophoid. Where is this Salon de Musique? I don’t see a forum as such.

@ Conman – Ha! I don’t have any of the little wretches. Steinberg will have to figure it out in this generation.


Aren’t Bezier curves a bit overkill for this kind of work? Wouldn’t for example quadratic spline be more appropriate? I would be happy with Beziers, because I’m quite familiar with them (being fluent programmer in PostScript and with tons of experience with print graphics) … but for average musician?

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Quite right. Quite right. I’m probably using the term incorrectly (and I’m from a graphic background, too :blush:), but I mean it a general sense – where you have a spline with manipulatable points or nodes, fixed or open.


Well, if we’re gonna get specific about it, I was thinking of a Quadratic Bezier curve when I read this post. Something similar to what Adobe Premier Pro CS5 has, as shown in the image below:

That would be a nice addition to Cubase that I hope makes it in our generation, lol.

Take care!

:smiley: You won’t guess that but Fruity Loops has this since … plus seperated automation clips. I would instantly **** for that feature in Cubase.

I LOVE the new scalable automation in C6… Bezier curves would be the icing on the cake :sunglasses:

So how would one phrase such a feature request? I mean, to get the terminology correct? Quadratic bezier? Node? Vector spline?


Draggable bendy lines :laughing:

Is this a fashion show?
Music isn’t an exact science. I’m not that cackhanded I can’t use what’s there already. :mrgreen:

That’s a good one! In common English there’s highly technical word for it: a curve.

Anyway … some kind of curves - I completely support this, beziers - extreamly flexible but maybe too complicated. I think the same curves used in Envelope editor would be a perfect fit. They are simple tó understand but powerfull enough. Maybe Steinberg should run feasibility study on this.

Totally agree!

+1 please.

Don’t use the envelope editor but the Fades Window has a smooth lines option. That’d do.


But Fades has exactly the same curve styles as Envelopes: Spline, Damped Spline and Linear. So what’s the difference?

My bad grammer, I meant ‘I don’t use…’, not intended as an order just another example of smooth curves for Steinberg to look at.