will cubase LE work on windows 7

will Cubase le work on windows 7?


What Cubase LE version do you have?

Most likely, yes.

I will have Cubase LE 5

This version is not supported anymore. But as far as I know, it was fully compatible with Windows 7. If this is not a second-hand, you will get a voucher to upgrade to the current version Cubase LE 9. I would recommend you to do so (if you are not using 32-bit Windows) to get the up-to-date and fully supported Cubase version, which also supports Windows 10.

Thank you!

I registered an old AI 4 license wanting to upgrade it to AI 9 using the voucher, but I don’t see a vouchers tab in MySteinberg, is it because the license is second hand?


If the License is second-hand, you have to get it to your MySteinberg account first. There is a Knowledge Base article on the Steinberg page, how to sell Steinberg software (or something like this). Search for it, and follow the steps, please.

Sorry to ask, but I have Cubase LE5, it came with my ZOOM R16 and my old computer (VISTA) crashed so I´m putting the program on a windows 7 laptop but I don’t seem to see any voucher no where. I cant record with the new installation, I imported wave files but no sound comes out even knowing I can play music on other devices like CD player or internet. Also when I stop the recording the empty but visible tracks just disappear. Can it work without the upgrade? Can I get the upgrade? Thank you.


If the empty part dialed disappears, it means it was a MIDI Part without MIDI data. So you probably created MIDI or Instrument track, but no data came in b

So you want to record MIDI or Audio?

Make sure correct ASIO driver is selected in the Device Setup.

Thanks Martin

I really appreciate your reply.
I´ve been working on it for 3 or more days now but no luck. I want to record Audio. In the device setup Zoom shows under VST audio system. The buffer size is 512, maybe that´s wrong? I changed it to lower and back again but no luck. I did re install Cubase but no luck. I added the tracks by going to project and selected add track…audio. I connected the different tracks to the different input channels. When I record the line moves and the space gets a different color like when you normally record but you can see no audio, just an empty line. When you stop recording everything just disappears. I used this Cubase for years and never had problems with it. Did I accidentally change some unseen settings? Should I re install it again? It isn’t even possible to import a wave file and play it back. You can import it, but no sound comes out. I did check with audacity or this play back problem was because of the ZOOM but in audacity I can play imported wave files. I even tried some try out a test version of another recording program to record just to double check the Zoom is working and I did manage to record something.
The laptop is intel core i3 Windows 7…maybe that’s the problem? Maybe a program is blocking Cubase?
I hope you know what’s wrong.

thanks, Mijanou

Dear Martin

just to let you know i just managed to import a track and play it on Cubase, and even knowing I didn´t manage to record anything yet whatever doesn´t get recorded doesn´t disappear no more. This is after I re installed the software for the Zoom R16 without inserting the CD that came with it (even knowing the computer asked for it) I suppose the CD is out of date :frowning: So now i only have the problem left that there is no sound input. I’m going to check if i can record trough the computer system itself…just to see were the problem lays.

have a nice week-end!

I managed to record. The sound level is very low but I´m getting there. The problem was that the computer asked me to input the CD that came with ZOOM when I opened CUBASE and I suppose the program on the CD made problems. Maybe someone else who encounters this problem will find it usefull. Just download the driver from the website and don´t insert the CD even if CUBASE asks you to :slight_smile: