Will Cubasis 3 work on iPad Air 5 with M1 processor?

Good afternoon.
Please tell me, will Cubasis 3 work on an iPad Air 5 with an M1 processor?
I’m thinking about switching from Android to iOS iPad.
Because the iPad has more capabilities for creating music.
Thank you.

You can see the system requirements on the Cubasis website.

I looked on the website.
It lists older iPad models, but does not list the M1 processor in the description.
The site also indicates what version of iOS should be.
And in the Apple Store only the iOS version is indicated.
There is no information about Cubasis 3 compatibility with iPads with M1 and M2 processors.
New iPad tablets are sold with M1 and M2 processors.

@LSlowak has answered this in a different thread

Yes it will.

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Hi @maks_w

Cubasis should run fine on all current iOS devices, iPhone and/or iPad.