Will direct offline processing generate a new wav file? Isn't it?

A new wav file is generated by Direct Offline Processing.
I contacted Yamaha about this. (Japanese Steinberg support is YAMAHA)
YAMAHA told me that Direct Offline Processing would not create new wav files and asked me to show proof.
When I sent a video in which a wav file was generated by normalizing it with Direct Offline Processing on YouTube’s private release, Yamaha suddenly told me that it was normal for the wav file to be generated.
Which one is correct?
I don’t like normalizing a wav file of about 3.7GB and generating a new wav file because it uses a lot of SSD.

DOP does create new files in the “Edits” folder of your project, one for each process.
If you make the DOP permanent, it will delete those edit files, but will generate a new one in the “Audio” folder (you can then delete the old file as it is not referenced any more in the pool.
If you don’t want that, maybe use an external audio editor like Wavelab or Audacity for normalizing (if you must normalize, I’ve never really understood why people normalize, especially peak normalization imho rarely makes sense… but maybe that just me and I am missing something…:slight_smile: )

On big live recordings normalizing some tracks can help for the mixdown.