Will Dorico for iPad ever open up to iPhone?

I recently got the newest iPhone 15 Max and this thing is huge! I was thinking how great it could be to have Dorico on the go so I could mess around with writing while on a train etc. It’s not as crazy as it sounds since Cubasis is available on iPhone (and works great), and also other notation programs have been made to work across all iOS (Sibelius, MuseScore, and Notion all work on iPhone). Some might think it would be crazy to try to work with a score on a phone but these screens are getting bigger and higher res – so I think it would be at least great to have for sketching on the go! Thank you :slight_smile:

We’ve certainly talked about it. We wouldn’t want to try and squeeze the full Dorico for iPad interface down onto the iPhone, even a big one like the Pro Max, since it would be unwieldy with too many, too small buttons. So we would need to adapt the interface and the interaction model substantially to make it make sense on the iPhone, and at the moment we are choosing to focus our limited development resources elsewhere. It’s something we are interested in and are at least considering for the future.

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Ok thank you! That all makes sense and of course I’d prefer you guys spend more time on the primary application above all else :slight_smile: Maybe some day as these phones keep getting bigger haha! Thanks for taking the time to offer the insight.

I remember when “mobile” phones were bigger–and heavier.
Eventually we’d probably just do as well to make calls on our iPads, at which point the Dorico phone version becomes moot. :wink:

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