Will Dorico run ok on the new Ipad Pro with M1 Chip and Pencil 2?

Hello: Can anyone answer the above question? I’m about to make a purchase. Thanks!


Great! Many thanks, Craig!


The M1 iPad Pro works really well with Dorico. As does the Pencil 2, although it must be said that the Pencil 2 isn’t particularly well utilised in Dorico for iPad.

The fact that Dorico is very close to the desktop experience means that it’s very ‘opinionated’ as to what the optimum interaction model is when using Dorico, and that’s with a QWERTY keyboard, utilising shortcuts with or without the aid of a MIDI device (or the on-screen keyboard)

Sibelius is far more of a ‘tablet first’ UX design. Having said that I far prefer Dorico for iPad; it’s fundamentally a desktop-class notation application running on an iPad, whereas Sibelius for iPad is fairly limited in scope and whilst it makes use of the Apple Pencil 2 for note input, the interaction design is awful.

However, I do believe Dorico for iPad needs to up its game when it comes to note entry flexibility. I’m not talking handwriting recognition here (I’m in agreement with those that feel this is a tad 'emperors new clothes), but the use of an Apple Pencil 2 for note entry should be available for those that want to use it. Plus I believe there are situations where the Pencil 2 would be the optimal interaction method, such as those occasions when you’re cradling your device with one hand/arm, whilst interacting with it with the other hand/Pencil. This is typical of mobile use case scenarios such as when on public transport, in cafes/bars/pubs, when seated theatre style for lectures/seminars, the list goes on. In those scenarios, you realise that you won’t be able to match the efficiency of note entry on your desktop workstation or even with a laptop, but having the ability to continue working on your projects whilst mobile is the greater priority here.

Dorico for iPad is at its best when used similarly to a laptop. When used in this manner it’s very close to the desktop version of Dorico. The only real area of weakness is the Play toolset, but I’m hoping this will start to be addressed soon after Dorico 4 is released.

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Dear Jon,

Thanks for that very comprehensive and helpful response! It certainly helps me to understand and appreciate the facilities of Dorico for Ipad, and I trust that the developers are listening to your very sensible recommendations.

All the best!