Will Dorico work for Music scanning, midi or Music XML export/import to Cubase 12?

Good afternoon, all:

Is Dorico only for composing and engraving, working mock-ups? I really want to create a midi file so I can import to Cubase 12 and simulate a live performance. So far on my journey, the midi files I’m creating with SmartScore 64 Pro from Musitek get chopped up a lot when imported by Cubase 12. I use SmartScore for its recognition app to create midi files. Not happy with the results that show up in Cubase 12 and almost ready to start building my scores with hand entering all the music parts.

Dorico elements 4.2 either does not recognize Cubase midi files or when it imports from SmartScore 64, the midi files are filled with errors-so that all the orchestra instruments are in
the same key. I’m not sure if the problem is with SmartScore or Dorico.

So, my question is, how well does the full version of Dorico work on importing midi from Cubase or another scanning software app like Photoscore? Cubase, unbelievably, seems unable to create Music XMl from any midi or Cubase Project file.

At the end of the day, what I really need is: to know that if I create a composition in Doric 4.2 (full version), can I then sucessfully import that to Cubase 12? Unless I’m wrong , that does not look like a working proposition; or maybe I merely have not heard from anyone on that.
Or on the other direction, once I’ve created a project in Cubase 12, can I successfully import the midi file to Dorico 4.2?

Have you considered importing XML into Dorico from your scanning program? At least then you could see more clearly where the scanning program (none of which are perfect) is letting you down. From Dorico you could then export a (cleaned up?) MIDI file into Cubase.

Which version of Cubase 12 are you using? AFIK only Cubase Pro will handle xml files.

I only use Elements from the Cubase stable and have had no problems with MIDI exchange to or from Dorico (Dorico Elements handles MIDI files the same as Dorico Pro, subject to the limit on instrument numbers).

PhotoScore to Dorico generally works well (though since PhotoScore integrates well with Sibelius, I often send complex XML files through Sibelius first and then re-export).

Dorico 4.2 MIDI import is excellent IMHO - others with more complex needs than mine may have different opinions.

There are numerous threads here on MIDI and XML exchange - Search the forum!