Will Elements install affect Cubase 6 (already installed)?

I’m about to purchase/install Cubase Elements 6 on my Macbook Pro which already has Cubase 6 installed. Will use Elements for dongle-less live recordings but will keep full Cubase for editing, mixing etc. while on the run.

Are there any pitfalls to having both installed such as shared preferences, plug-ins, etc.? Anything else I should know about it?

Thanks, Stephen


Hello smartinuf,

Each Cubase version you install is installed into an independent folder. Installing Cubase Elements 6 won’t affect your Cubase 6 installation.
Just be sure to install Cubase Elements 6 without the USB-eLicenser connected (otherwise the Cubase Elements 6 license might be downloaded to the USB-dongle instead of your hard-drive).