Will freeze channel ever be an option?

Say you just finished a magnanimous symphony for full orchestra and now you want to work on making the playback a little more musical. It would be a great option to be able to freeze the channels, thus freeing up resources for Dorico, and just work on say one by one.

Do you think this could be a thing? It would also allow saving finished files with just audio attached, so it could be played in other systems without the sample libraries.

Do you mean embedding the saved audio track of a channel in the document, so you don’t have to do ‘real-time’ sample rendering?

I think audio rendering is become much less of a ‘heavy duty’ task for CPUs these days. It surely can’t be as much work as applying filters on 8K video and what-have-you.


Yes, like in Cubase. When you freeze the channel Cubase does an in-place rendering and stores it as audio. If you then delete all you samplers/VST the audio remains in place.

I wonder if it was ever that intensive? I mean, even old mobile phones could play an mp3 or wav.

An MP3 is a single track (or I guess two if it’s stereo - let’s not go there). Rendering is the process of playing back (or storing) the outputs from potentially lots of individual tracks that may each pass through different reverbs, EQs, filters etc. - quite a different thing.

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True, but once stored it’s just playing an audio file… Granted, depending on the size of the orchestra it might be quite a few, but I remember doing this on a pentium laptop in Audacity back in the day and the CPU didn’t even blink. And this was a computer that struggled to play a video at the same time I was doing my emails… :joy:

It’s not so much the CPU load, but about saving RAM/Disk load. With large sample libraries like VSL and BBCSO verging on 1TB, it can be helpful to only have a few instruments loaded into ram at a time.


I’d love to have this feature on Dorico as well. Along with expression maps that can switch between plugins (not just midi channel) and play multiple channels for stacking.

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Welcome to the forum @ivanduch!

You could probably use VEP for this, if that kind of thing is up your alley?

Thank you Daniel!

You mean the track freezing or channel stacking?

Yes this feature would be very useful for me, especially for projects with many instruments such as orchestras.

I like the way freezing is done in REAPER (which may be the same way it is done in other DAWS): When the track is frozen it is rendered to an audio with the plugin settings and track FX chain saved in the project giving you the option to “unfreeze” the track later if you want to make changes.

I meant the channel stacking. (At least I think that’s what I mean).

You could have one instance of VEP per instrument and theoretically have a different plugin on each channel. Then use an Expression Map as per usual to decide which channel is used for Playing Techniques etc.

Pretty messy though!