Will Grace period Upgrade be a full installer?

I have an unregistered halion 5

I understand that I can get a free grace period upgrade to Halion 6 if I register it and download the licence to my dongle but do I have to install the halion 5 software or will the upgrade be a full installer?


I imagine there will be a full installer available.
BUT, just to clarify, is your H5 UNACTIVATED or UNREGISTERED?
Unregistered does not get a grace period update, only unactivated does.

Anyhow, the grace period will allow you to download the full installer as well.

Yep its unactivated still unopened box.

Many thanks for the replies


Hi there. My question is if I buy Halion 5 today and will activate it after Halion 6 release date - if I will get free update?
The thing is that I found Halion 5 at a great price, but if I buy it I have to wait until I get it physically in a box to activate it…and I dont know if it will be before Halion 6 release date…

Yes, every HALion 5 activation after the start of the grace period will make your license eligible for the free grace period update to HALion 6.

Here you will find more information about how it works:

Grace period started at Dec 29th, 2016 yes? So for now it doesn’t metter when will I activate my Halion 5 because we are in grace period right now, yes?


Sorry, one more question.
I’ve just activated my Halion 5 with the USB-eLicenser.
The question is when I will update to Halion 6 if I will be able to choose what kind of licence I want.
As I know Halion 6 isn’t require USB dongle but my Halion 5 is still on a dongle so do anyone know if I can choose type of that licence or if I could move it somehow from a USB dongle to soft-elicenser?

No, the HALion 6 license will replace the HALion 5 license on your USB-eLicenser. You won’t be able to choose the type. But we are working on a solution that will allow you to transfer the license.