will H5 Load SampleTank sounds ?

i got a bundle from IK-Multimedia includes also Sample tank 2.5 and many libraries for it (it was a low cost deal for Black FRIDAY sales, so it was cheap but the product looks outdated … :unamused: )
anyway Sampletank is 32 but only (work good with VstBridge) but the interface is very small and outdated,but has some useful sounds and some( a lot) suck :wink:
anyway i love the upright piano there and some other sounds and i wondered if H5 will load them ! did not succeed yet !

H5 needs some better acoustic sounds in overall in my opinion, most pianos and some other acoustics are too “clean” and sterile and over processed lacking character ! Yamahas touch ?!! :wink:

Aloha m,

Been a ST user for many years and short of resampling,
I have never found a way to load IK’s samples into any other box.

Been waiting long time for ST3 64 bit (IK mods say it will be out this year)
so maybe that version will do what we want. But I doubt it.

If you do find a way please post back.



Maybe try a shell host, something that can bridge the VSTi into 64bit.

I agree, I miss my melotrons :frowning:
From what I hear from IK, we should all be sorted soon.

They said before the end of the year. Shouldn’t be long now.

They have been active lately, we’ve gotten some positive and confident hints coming from an IK rep.

Not too happy with the Melotron in H5. It sounds okay and I will find a use for it, but it was still a bit bait and switch.
It’s either using Melotron tapes, or it’s not a Melotron. Fine. HALiotron… but, still. :slight_smile:

I just found that thread http://www.ikmultimedia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=7116

Nothing available before 2014, but it’s just a matter of time :slight_smile:

i dont have any experience with IK multimedia, i recently bought at low price(80 euro) a bundle with all XL expansions some vst effects(reverbs, T-racks, Amplitube etc…) Miroslav Philarmonic Orchestra and sample tank2.
do they usually have an upgrade price if i want upgrade to SampleTank 3 ?

I don’t know, I’m in the same position…

There will be an upgrade price, but I get the impression that they are considering current users.

They have recorded new samples, so it’s not quite a GUI/64 bit refresh.
Would be nice if it could accept ST2 multis, so we can open up old projects and translate them.

Serious dropped hints on ST3 at KVR!

There’s a thread discussing some of the features, interesting stuff.