Will HALion 4 work in Cubase 5.5.3

Since HALion 4 supports VST3.5 and Cubase 5 does not, will it work in Cubase 5?
I am not intending to upgrade to Cubase 6 any time soon, but will buy HALion 4 when it comes out.

yes vst2 version as well - supposedly

Any official comment on this? :slight_smile:

… good question: will a VST3.5 plugin work in a VST3.0 host?

Yes, I also skip C6 (if it stays in its current state), but would like to upgrade to Halion 4.

it was stated in Halion presentation at musikmesse (youtube) vst 2 version.

Bump… for an official answer…?

PascalVB, according to your sig you have HALion Sonic 1.5 yes? HALion Sonic IS a VST 3.5 plug-in.

Also, HALion Sonic runs on the HALion 4 engine.

Perhaps now is a good time to bump this one, seeing as H4 is now released?

Oops, seems I didn’t even answer the question, sorry.

HALion 4 comes in both VST3.5 and VST2.4 versions. If your host does not support VST3.5 plug-ins, you can use the VST2.4 version! :slight_smile: