Will HALion migrate to the new licensing system in same time as Cubase 12 publication

I hope we won’t have to keep an USB e-licenser after migrating to Cubase 12 just to run HALion 6 ?
May be a new intermediate version of HALion ?
Any idea ?

I’d expect it won’t change until Halion 7 and even then 6 will always be on a dongle just like Cubase 11. But ya never know.

HSSE has already changed for some of us.

Grabbed Dorico 4. Ended up with a version of HSSE 3.5 that works with the new licenser, but now I can’t use that in other hosts because there is NO VST2 version on the system.

Sibelius and Finale cannot do VST3 (doesn’t look like they will anytime soon).

I do have H6 and Sonic 3, which register, but not HSSE.

I suppose I can roll back to 3.4 (haven’t tried it yet). For now it’s a major annoyance though because I had hundreds of projects that used HSSE fxb setups (and sounds I custom built for it with H6, but converted to HSSE in order to share with students via the free player).

Follow-up on the VST2 issue.
I’m on Windows 10

I uninstalled HSSE 3.5 and put 3.4 back.
Again there was no VST2 dll that I could find at first. Kept poking around and found one here:
“%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components\HALion Sonic SE”

Copied that to my VST2 folder and it worked in Sibelius.

Decided to see if something similar is going on in HSSE 3.5, and turns out it is.
Either add this path to the Host’s list of directories that get scanned, or make a copy of it into the desired location.
“%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components\HALion Sonic SE”