Will Harmonics Natural & Artificial be supported by M.Note?

Recently on a post , I find the VSL SE strings have only Artificial harmonics, therefore there is a way to write it : using diamond ♢ and the note relative to this effect, instead of the ° , but with cubase the ° sound artificial harmonics, which is , of course a mistake …So, to give a score that can’t be laughable by conductors what is the way to do ?
Will "Making notes " New software have its proper orchestral sounds ? Because it is very nice of Steinberg to developp a software for notation, but if it is to encounters the same mistakes, I don’t see a reason to use it …

Thank You .

What is your feature request for Cubase?

Hi Steve,
To give to us a symphonic bank responsive to the coming Tools “Making notes”, So I changed the title of my question :wink:

Hi! :wink:

In that case you should write to the author of that blog. The developers don’t participate in this forum.

Also, just as an fyi, there is a diamond available in the symbols for expression maps, so presumably you can create that articulation yourself.

Euh, no… I can’t …There is a proper " grammatical way" to write Artificial harmonics , and Cubase have no “notion” ( pun intended) to write it correctely. I am surely not good in english, but in writing music , I feel more confortable .

Does Notion have a notion how to do it? :wink:

Actually I should have thought that out a bit more… Artificial harmonics can be written in Cubase by setting the upper note head to a diamond.

But the playback would have to be set up using some other method, according to what the VST needs. So while it’s not a one-step thing, it can be done without too much fiddling :wink:

Steve here are two exemples, with Notion the diamonds notes have the indication of the notes fourth up , not on cubase, not really they fault, VSL haven’t Strings Natural Harmonic.
This is why it will be cool to have another sampled orchestra to can enjoy what will be an excellent software for composing music .
Notion write.JPG

Well, the Cubase Harmonics.JPG example just looks wrong too, since the symbols aren’t connected to the stems.

The closest Cubase can come (graphically) to this, is my example, which is double-stops with the upper notehead altered via “Set Note Info”.

The diamond note is too big, and can’t be resized. But speaking as a violinist myself, that notation is clear, and I would know to play fingered or “artificial” harmonics.