Will I be able to record the prossessed sound of my performer

If my friend who is going to use vst connect performer buys and expensive guitar plug, ex waves.
Will I recieve the prossessed signal on my side so I can record that? even if I don’t have that same plugin?
I know I can record the unprossessed signal but I don’t know the rest of the details yet. the reason I ask is because I don’t want to encourage my friend to buy an expensive plugin unless I will be able to record the sound that he picks.

Yes, you can record the processed sound. There is an “FX” button in the VST Connect plugin “Record” section above the Performer channels that allows you to receive and thus record Performer channel processing, or switch it off if you prefer the dry signal.

And that still works even if I dont have that particular plugin on my computer? sorry for asking again, just want to be sure.
and if I then want to record both dry and with the FX I can just route the same input to two channels, one where I leave the FX on, and one where I turn it off?

yes you could do that as well.
Only a stereo audio signal is sent via the network (as configured in the Record section).
The PRO version also stores dry signals on the Performer device which can later be transmitted to Studio for hi-quality recordings (and also up to 16 channels). But you can proceed as you suggested for re-amping, using the same signal both dry and processed for recording (left/right then, unless you have the PRO version).