Will I be able to run Emu 1820m sound card on Window 7?

1010 is the PCI card. 1820m is the module that plugs in via Cat5e cable.

All seems to be working well now with my EMU-1820M sound card and audio dock within my Windows 7-64 bit PC

Settings are as follows:

PatchMix DSP Version: 2.10.00
Driver Version:
File Version:

E-MU 1010 Firmware Version: 3.4
AudioDock Firmware Version: 3.4
Sync Card Firmware Version: 5.6
Build Date: Apr 29 2008 13:25:21

Thanks for all your help guys… :smiley:

Just curious…anyone having any luck with the Emu 1212/1820’s etc in Windows 8?

FWIW, I’m here at the Steinberg forum because after 18 months of trying to make my E-Mu 1616m PCI Microdock work again with non-ASIO software, I gave up and went all the way to a UR824, chosen because other products either don’t have DSP FX or don’t have enough analog I/O. My first impression is that the UR is pretty, and its on-screen “board” is easier to read, but as for FX, I’m unimpressed. And although I got Skype to work correctly a couple days ago, thanks to a post that said “turn on Loopback,” today if I have loopback on and the slider volume up, I get continuous echo. [UPDATE: You need loopback to be on (red), but that produces the echo. I made the echo go away by checking (or was it unchecking?) “Allow apps to take exclusive control of this device” in the Windows line properties pop-up (whether in Recording or Playback, I don’t recall either offhand). Why that should matter, I have no idea yet. It’s still not perfect, because the other party (the Skype test-call lady) is coming in on my channel, with a touch of lag, so I at least still have some routing to sort out. (Sigh. With the 1616 it was a no-brainer, I used it for years, it worked and knew none of this stuff.)

That and at one point the software froze, and I had to reload it. But I digress, that’s for another post.

Yes, if your 1820m is like the 1616m, it works with Win7 if you use the Beta driver. But the wide range of E-Mu product owners have had varying results, with no apparent pattern. When I upgraded from XP Pro to Win 7 Ultimate in 2013, the 1616 worked fine for 10 months, and life went on. Then suddenly in Nov 2013, non-ASIO programs couldn’t hear the “WAVE” signal. So no Skype, no Audacity, no talking in webinars, etc. I’m not a tech expert, but from this and other symptoms and imput from people who know more about this stuff, it seems totally like a driver problem. For some people the product still works, for others, it doesn’t, for me it works fine except for the non-ASIO output. Some posts have suggested that the 1616 doesn’t get along with more than 4G of memory. I finally got fed up and moved on.

But I never realized how much I’d become accustomed to E-Mu’s PatchMix DSP FX being able to tailor my computer’s speaker output. So far, the 824’s included FX doesn’t hold a candle to it in ease of use, and I suspect it might also fall short in the range of effects, or at least presets. Does the 824 have a “stereo reverb” and chorus? (I used them a lot for giving mono ambiance a stereo feel.) And with a single click, I could listen to a poor-audio webinar even while doing the dishes, no problem.

If you want to persist in trying to kick E-Mu’s football, you might find some tips at other forums, such as productionforums.com. It seems a lot more active and current than E-mu’s at Creative.com.

Personally, if the beta driver doesn’t work from the start, I’d start shopping. Except there is still nothing out there exactly like my 1616 (at least not under $1,000), and believe me, I’ve searched.

Now if only I can get Skype to work with the 824. But that’s another post.