will I have trouble removing trial version?

Hello, I am currently running 7LE and love it. I am very interested in D/L’ing the trial version of 9.5 elements but have read on this forum where others have had lots of trouble trying to remove the trial version and getting their previous version working again. Am I going to have this problem or is this something that has been fixed? Also in a previous post I was told that If I install the 9.5 trail that it will automatically upgrade my 7LE to Elements, is this true and what happens if I decide that I want to remove the trial and not purchase 9.5, will my 7LE return to its previous state?

Sorry for so many strange questions but i want to make sure I don’t loose anything if I decide I don’t want to install 9.5.

Thanks, Dominick

Not sure where you read/heard those concerns… (maybe a one off?).

I never heard of a newer CB version installation “upgrading” a previous version. I would like to see/read that forum topic.

The trial CB9.5 Elements software would be installed as a totally separate program from your CB7LE. It should not change it at all. If you don’t like 9.5, removing the trial version would be accomplished by uninstalling from your computer settings/apps&features menu. Just like removing any other program.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Here is a link to a post on this forum where the person reply states that 7LE will become 7 Elements when 9.5 trial is installed. Yes, I wasn’t sure what to make of that statement either.


Thanks much, Dominick

I think you have misunderstood Romantique’s reply in the link. It is possibly confusing until you understand how Cubase licenses work.

7LE as a program is NOT changed to Elements 7 when you get a 9.5 license.
LE (and AI) versions are exactly the same executable file as Elements, the license alone determines which bits are available.
Thus if you have a full Elements license (even of a later version such as 9.5) access is available to the whole program. In this way your Elements 7LE will become Elements 7.

If you remove the 9.5 license or the trial ends Elements 7 will go back to performing as just Elements 7LE.

“LE (and AI) versions are exactly the same executable file as Elements, the license alone determines which bits are available.”

So if I can ask a stupid question…if the above statement is true then I if buy and obtain the upgrade license and install it on the E Licenser but not install the 9.5 program would that still change my 7LE to 7 Elements?

Thanks, Dominick

I think you cannot buy a license (in steinberg shop) for version 7, is yes or yes for 9.5, but if I can ask, ¿for what reason you want v7 ?

Indeed, if the eLicenser contains a license for any higher version of Elements or above, your 7LE installaionwill act as full Elements 7.

Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted to hear. Not that I have anything against 9.5, if fact I haven’t even tried it, but I am so used to using 7 and it is very stable on my computer. I really hate to change versions and have to learn a new DAW all over again and disrupt the work flow progress. Then in the future I can ease into 9.5 a little at a time.


I have another stupid question…

I have D/L’ed 9.5 and the trail license and it also updated my 7LE to Elements and upon starting 7 it now gave me a choice on which to open but later in the day I accidentally clicked on “start 7LE” and it said how to re-activate 7 Elements but I didn’t catch what it said before it disappeared. Now it no longer gives me that choice and only starts 7LE. What do I need to do to reactivate 7 Elements?

I am so sorry to be asking such rudimentary questions here.
Thanks for the help.