will installing games mess up my performance

Hi Guys
I have a decent 4770k Pc with 32gb ram, heavily optimized for audio, I have a specific driver from 2018 for my video card HD7750 which gives me the best performance.
If I install now lets say “call of duty” will it mess up my performance? if I get a better card like RX550 and change driver, will it mess up my audio performance?

Not necessarily, what will screw your system up though is loaders that load in at startup, a lot of games have to be started through the storefront, ie steam, origin, ea store etc, these load up at startup automatically, you can remove them from your startup file and only run on demand though, they degrade your system by looking for updates for installed games and updating offers for games you do not even own, Another method of installing games is to install another version of your operating system on a new partition and installing all games on that partition, choosing at startup which partition to boot into.

Installing a new graphics card, as long as you remove the existing drivers for the old card 1st, then reboot after installing the new and install new drivers will not affect performance.

Was wondering this, too. I’m usually not a gamer, but I’ll definitely check out that Cyberpunk game when it comes out.