Will Intel Optane Memory (32GB) Speed Up Libraries?

Hi, I’m thinking about buying Intel Optane Memory (32GB) and assign it to my 4TB 7200RPM drive that contains most of my sample libraries. Would doing so speed up load times? Apparently it really speeds up frequently read files/folders.

I’m guessing though that given its 32GB size it would likely be good for fully loading only approx 5 or 6 of my “go-to” instruments, assuming each instrument’s sample library is approx 5GB of hard disk.

Even so, sounds like a good investment for 80$.

Thoughts? Does anyone use this in their system?

Think a SSD would help more as you’re using a disk based storage unit.

Yes but it is presently not an option. Looking to speed up massive drives rather than spend a fortune converting all to SSD.

Probably not. Most folks using faster ssd or raid are reporting bottlenecks elsewhere, notably in the plugins themselves.

I was thinking about a SSD with enough storage space to some dozens of your “go-to” instruments, this was supposed to help in samples load speed, but what rob said could limit this to some plugins only. :confused: