Will it be a new GUI with Wavelab 8 ?

The GUI in Wavelab 7 sends me back ten years or so. As the GUI in Cubase 7 feels more 2012 I wonder
if it will be the feel and look like Cubase ? Also the navigation form would be the same way as the mixer in
Cubase 7. I hope there will be some change for that in Wavelab 8.

Not very likely, since the WL7 GUI was a complete redesign from previous versions…

There will be some changes in the look and feel, but no complete redesign.

PG, do you think we’ll actually see in in 2013? I know you said no updates this year anymore but there are so many little bugs (PQ report greyed out until you open a new project) and changes like the thing where it shows you each new rendered WAV when it’s done that drive me completely crazy, I’m hoping we don’t have to wait until December 2013 or beyond to have a fix for them.


You wont have to wait that long.

Comforting words PG.
I’m just getting used to WL7 and it’s quirks. Any streamlining is gratefully accepted.
Looking forward to WL8.

I would like more useful outputs of surround mixes.

Can you say if it will be the 1st or 2nd part of 2013 and also if it will be WL8 or an update to WL7 first to address the main problems?




IIRC, it was mentioned earlier that the next WL version will be 8. Makes sense, with 7.0 being released in September 2010. My guess for release is Frankfurter Musik Messe in April…

I wish there could be a significant UI Tweak … sorry , it is just a mess now.

IMO a UI should lead the user through the workflow. Sure, options are nice but WL 7 just doesn’t help me at all in getting the job done. There’s Windows, Tabs, Buttons, Command Bars, odd Icons and visual clutter all over the place… which I wouldn’t mind if some additional basic UI conventions would be adhered to.

Given the App works based on Three types of Documents … Audio File, Montage and CD there should be an easy Global File Menu to create New one of each… ie File / New … / choose a document type. Right now I think the only way to create a Blank Montage is with the hideous “Command Bar”. ( and as of this moment, after putting WL into Full Screen Mode … I can’t create one because it crashes! Another thread…). Why aren’t there File/Close menus for each document?

The comprehensive context menus I used to use to use seem to have been trimmed the point of being useless. No Play options, or Select Options … unless there’s a way to get them back. If so, great but the point is I can’t find them if there is…

In the Montage simple things like Solo and Mute buttons are tiny little LED’s squashed up in the top of the track control area…even the track level “Fader” is almost invisible … visual feedback about each track is useful… eg what effects are active etc.

Even WL’s features are inconsistent between document types … markers can created and manipulated way better in an Audio file than in a Montage…

The way the Master Section behaves like a separate application … Is it on, is it off… why isn’t it integrated into each document if required?

There are dozens of other ‘idiosyncrasies’ … no point is listing them. But the discomfort I experience trying to use WL 7 is not ignorable.

I almost want the old wavelab back … where every document type really was a separate app in a separate window ( conceptually)… this ‘unified’ (?) V7 just isn’t making life easy.

IMO SB/PG should take a look at the way Apple put together Sound Track Pro. It used exactly the same idea of individual audio files ( in their own editing environment ) being available to arrange in a multitrack recording/ playback DAW, complete with both real time and off line processing. That’s what WL is … but this was sooooo much easier on the mind while working. Too bad it was unstable , not developed properly and taken off the market. But given I can’t even launch WL right now what’s the difference? :cry:


I cannot begin to tell how annoying I find dealing with the Master Section at every turn. Sometime I just want to hear the audio as it is…and everytime I open a file - this thing forces itself on - regardless of workspace - regardless of what I try to do.

This also one the key reasons I go to Forge or lately Studio One as each song, track or file can have it own unique “master” section at any time.

With multiple workspaces - the Master Section should respect the settings for each workspace explicitly - or better yet - each file explicitly - yet in my case - the friggen thing ALWAYS loads my Voiceover workspace plugin set - no matter what.

Maybe I am doing something wrong - but I doubt it.


I also find the Master section to be annoying
Often I render the Wave Edit rather than the Montage.
The plug-ins remain when I reload the program. The master volume settings remain when I switch to the other part of the program.
Can it not be sepparated into a Master for Wave Edit and a master for Montage. It could stay in the same place but maybe change colour or have an identifying tab at the top telling what file or part of the program is active at the time.
It would be nice if the entire set-up of the Master window could be saved as a preset but when you switch to another workspace or file, maybe it could default to flat and empty. That way we could just load a preset that we want and then switch to another file and have another preset.

Nobody has been more ranting than me re. the WL7 ui. But I just wrote a related post and I just wanna say the following.

I think at least -some- of the grousing over WL7 is a problem with success. So many of us were -so- comfy with the ‘old’ UI that -any- radical changes would be greeted poorly.

I’m not saying that the UI couldn’t use improvement—(AND I SURE HOPE IT WILL BE!!! :smiley:)

But speaking for myself, I didn’t give the UI a fair chance, simply because it already did pretty much everything I needed and that coloured my perception. I wanted a ‘Wavelab6 Skin’… or at least a tutorial like they give expecting mothers:

So, You’re Upgrading, Huh?

…with some step-by-steps for getting comfy.

But the fact that the docs were so sparse made a merely annoying situation into something a pretty GRINDING.

In short, whether the GUI isn’t significantly better or not, if the docs give users proper guidance, I’m sure things will go better.


PS: PLEASE DO NOT USE CUBASE 7 AS A MODEL! MixConsole has some great features, but the UI ‘look’? Oy.

I keep repeating that the way Wavelab 6 looked was much better and easier to operate - all within 1 window. Hope that PG add back that functionality to the future versions :confused: