Will more Ram increase amount of inserts without latency

Hi, im using Cubase 7.5 with a Tascam US-1800 USB Interface and 8 gbs of ram

My current Project has 12 tracks and i plan to add about 4 more (8 drum mics, 4 guitar, 1 bass, 1 vocal, +solos). I get lag when i add more inserts durring play back. easy fix to turn some off while recording, but im concerned about being able to mix everything down with all desired inserts on all tracks without lag once i get all tracks recorded (I want reverb on a lot of the tracks). I have already opened the Control panel for my mixer and used the best latency settings, which helped a lot, but not enough. I want to invest in more ram to solve the issue, but want to make sure that this will definitely solve the problem before i invest the money. Also want to know recommendations of how much ram should be used. will 16 gbs be enough? or should i shoot for more? i have 2 slots for ram

Well you haven’t even said what operating system you’re on or let alone what your system spec is. Unfortunately my crystal ball is in the menders - however for tracking duties 8Gb of RAM should be fine. If you are running windows you could run resource monitor in the background to see how much RAM is being consumed and/or if there’s a large amount of paging going on.

windows 7 professional
Processor: AMD Athlon™ II X2 245 Processor (2 CPUs), ~2.9GHz

hope this is the desired info needed

The amount of RAM will not change anything concerning the latency caused by the Plugin delay.

Which is what Asioguard is for.

No need to worry about mixdown, if you don’t do it realtime it’ll work even on the worst possible computer, it’ll just take very long.
Unless you mean you want to have everything activated while working on your mix. In that case, you can freeze tracks to create some breathing room on your system. This will print the effects on that track to an audio file and then disable the inserts, so you hear the inserts without needing the processing power. You can unfreeze at any time to make changes to the effects on that track.

To answer your question: I don’t think adding RAM will increase your performance much in this case, unfortunately.

You can look at the plugin info in the Devices/Plug-In information where you can list all active plugins in order of their latency by samples if you wish :slight_smile:

Thank you I believe freezing the tracks is what I have been missing. Thanks!