Will my current Dorico 4 projects open up fine in 5 if I upgrade?

I have several ongoing projects in Dorico 4 at the moment. If I upgrade to 5 will they open up okay?

That’s certainly the idea. There is a thread from this morning in which a very large project done in Dorico 4 was not opening in the latest version, but that’s definitely an outlier.

All of my Dorico 4 files are opening just fine. (Even a file that I hadn’t opened since 3.1!)

Yes: opening old projects in new versions is fine. There have only been a couple of times when new features have directly affected things, such as the change for Lyrics to Paragraph Styles.

If you’re in the middle of a job, then that’s the best time to switch, as you will be polishing it and checking it before it’s complete!

Great news! I will mooove myself over to the product page and purchase.

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