Will new license system come to Cubase 11?

Hi guys!

im running CB 12, but i still need CB 11 for some important reasons…

Will the new ‘dongle free’ system also work with CB 11?


No, only for new releases.

I think they have something in the works for earlier versions…

I don’t think this is true. All versions up to 11 > dongle. All versions from v12 onwards > no dongle.

As I said, I do think they are working on a solution for older versions… :wink:

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okay no biggie

i still run old plugins that need the dongle, but the devs told me they are working on new versions that also move to dongleless licenses.

a bit more and im going to be completely dongleless!!!

now only if mac would release a lappie with big USB ports hehe


I guess we have to own Cubase 12 to get a solution to run earlier versions without the e-licenser… That’s a given in my book, and a fair deal (if they come up with a working solution). I saw one of the mods hinting this way… So let’s see.

PS. I do think Steinberg have gotten the question many many times… There are many who still have resons to use C11 and earlier versions, and would be happy to use the older version alongside C12 without the dongle (me myself still use C9 - Solely for the old File>Clean Up function alone).

And correctly, all new versions of all Steinberg apps and xtra plugins will over time be “dongleless”.

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And again I doubt that, as it was never said to happen + they are even not able to deliver a half-way-finished Cubase 11 Pro before 12 came out and now with 12 out for a while yet no fixes on the horizon. In the meantime competitors release the next-next free update and bug fix

No they did say they were looking into a solution for it. You must not have been here a couple months ago when they were asking people for suggestions and comments on the new licensing system. This came up and was definitely addressed by Steinberg at the time.

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