Will next N5 update have . . .

the same midi features and midi track look as Cubase 6 ? N5’ s looking a little dated. - :mrgreen:

Also, are there possible plans to consolidate N5 into Cubase maybe it becomes Cubase Pro Post or … :bulb: .

I run N5 and C5 (2ea) on three machines would be nice to have them all with the same line of software but I invested
in N5 and dont want to abandon ship without a path.

Yes, but ofcourse you need NEK to get all features!

oh yes , I see that now , before 5 I thought NEK was for the score and post expansion items, well, so if you pay once for NEK, does each upgrade then cost more as you go N5 to N6 with NEK, than the standard upgrade?

Has anyone tried NEK, how is it working? Cubase 6 is buggy on my windows machines so I am still with Cubase 5.

Why dont they roll Cubase into Nuendo engine then and call it Cubase Pro. Consolidate lines, maybe I write to Helg, dream …dreaming :laughing: