Will not load my device drivers

I am trying to connect my Zoom H1n recorder to Cubase LE. I downloaded and installed the device drivers but when I try to load them in Cubase, it lets me select the driver in the VST window and asks if I want to switch the ASIO driver. I click yes and it comes up with a box that says “No Device!” I have tried it with the recorder plugged into the USB and without it plugged in, same results. Any ideas?

Are you using the latest driver from here?

Make sure to follow the Installation Guide included with the download. You might have to restart your computer afterwards.

It’s a good idea to connect your Zoom device to your computer before running Cubase.

The Zoom driver should have installed a device control panel, which can be accessed by going to Windows’ Control Panel or by using the Start Menu and searching for “Zoom”. Does the control panel work?

I did get the drivers to load and Cubase to work as long as my device is connected. Now, I can only get Cubase to play back through my device and not through my computer. Do I need to purchase and install a soundcard for my computer for cubase to play back through my computer?