Will NotePerformer be supported in Dorico?

I love the program NotePerformer in Sibelius and I’m beta testing a new version right now which sounds great. Will it be available in Dorico as well in the future?

We are talking to Arne Wallander about it, and certainly we hope that we will be able to make it possible for Arne to develop a version of NotePerformer that is compatible with Dorico, but there’s nothing concrete to say about it at the moment, I’m afraid.

Thanks, glad to know that it’s maybe in in the loop.

It would be great to have NotePerformer for Dorico. Or to have something like it, that will phrase the lines like a musician does!

…Also it would great to have NotePerfomers ability to play artificial harmonics in string notation :smiley:

Searching for Arne Wallander led me to an old post I recalled by Phrazemaster from Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:43 am

I emailed Arne at Wallander a few days after Dorico launched and I asked him about NP for Dorico. Here is his response:

"Hi Mike!

For sure Dorico will be looked into, but as they still have not
implemented playback (to the extent required) it’s still too early to
give any definite answers.

Best regards,
Wallander Instruments"

Only recently started researching NotePerformer, but want to add an enthusiastic yes, to either it as an add-on or even Dorico developing similar design philosophy.

That is all.


Hi there

Is there any update on wether Note performer will be supported in Dorico?

It is the perfect tool for proof listening to scores, and it would be brilliant with Dorico I am sure.



While this is pure speculation on my part, I’d guess he is waiting for a few more releases so that playback functionality and the plugin language are a little more mature.

I’m inclined to agree with Romanos. There are so many pieces missing from the current Dorico playback that it’s hard to imagine how NotePerformer could do anything very useful yet.

The “Scoring Notes” blog had a March 2017 interview with the creator of NotePerformer, Arne Wallander, that includes at least some information about the adaptation of NotePerformer for both Dorico and Finale:


I’m sure that when NotePerformer or a similar performance-enhancing routine is added to Dorico, the Team will make sure everyone hears about it. It will not be hidden in small print.

Thanks the information and link to the March interview;

I also asked Wallander Instruments for an update and they said the following:

“Progress is going forward, but I have no news to share unfortunately.
We’re still not there yet, I’m afraid.”

This is encouraging at least

I’m a real fan of NotePerformer - it gives a really good indication of simple orchestration without any of the hassle of programming. It’s also one of the major reasons why I’m still using two programs for Notation (the other being metric modulation). I don’t know where accommodating it fits into the development cycle but it would be brilliant if it was sooner, rather than later. Just my 2p.