Will Nuendo 12 be released with the equivalent Cubase 12.0.10 Bug fixes in place

I notice a substantial Cubase maintenance release 12.0.10

Will Nuendo 12 catch the fixes on the initial release that are now available for Cubase 12?

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12.0.10 is still buggy.


I hope so, and I am crossing my fingers the StepDesigner midi-plugin continues to function in Nuendo 12, like it does in Nuendo 11 and not like what happened to Cubase 12.

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Looking at the Cubase 12.0.10 forum wondering how the release of Nuendo 12.0 will be or what codebase fixes it will contain. Lot of people tearing hair out over performance issues on the Cubase forum at the moment!

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I’ll be watching this forum :grin:
One thing is for sure, it’ll take some time til I (eventually) decide to upgrade.

I have a big bag of popcorn ready…

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Generally, I’m finding software developed and released during the pandemic has really been hit-and-miss, understandably due to earlier lock downs and work-from-home workflow adaptations. I’d rather Steinberg take the time to get it right.

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It is released as 12.0.20 - the Cubase 12 maintenance update was released today as well.


That is excellent news Ed thanks for chiming in

What is wrong with the software?

After boasting about this, I actually bought the upgrade yesterday (the reduced price was too good).

Nuendo 12 runs better than Cubase 12 AI on my main Win 10 workstation. Still hangs on exit, though.

On my laptop at home (Surface Pro 8 with Win 11) it runs flawless.

Shouldn’t be, both applications are identical, except for the extra Nuendo features.

Hanging on exit is an external driver, a plugin of an instrument that doesn’t release it’s driver after being asked to do so by the host.