Will Padshop ever get an update?

Just wondering… Almost been a year without any updates nor anything, even if lot of people posted here some great ideas & suggestions for future Padshop updates…

Is it abandoned already? Steinberg, are you reading us? We barely never hear from you in the forums, I just hope Padshop will still be supported and there are some plans for an update on the way… It’s an amazing synth, keep updating it!!! :smiley:

Good questions…

I would like to be able to use the A and B filters in series when not using the B section for sound generation.


start a feature request thread and see if Steinberg pin the thread , if not you have your answer :wink:

Anyway, if the answer was yes & steinberg was reading this, we would already had their input here. So I guess it’s a no… :neutral_face: