WILL PAY Someone in the LA Area to Help Me with Cubase Pro 9

I live in L.A., and I am in immediate need of having someone help me with my recently installed (Cubase Pro 9.0). I purchased this software to expand my composing capabilities. Instead, I have encountered a brick wall with my system in trying to complete two fundamental aspects of the software needed for composing:

  1. How to get my audio files to play after I have mixed them down into a WAV file.

  2. How to select VST instruments and get them to appear and be heard.

By my questions, you can tell I’m not terribly technical. I have posed several questions here in the Forum and really appreciate the many helpful responses. Unfortunately, none of them has fixed my original problem. I’m probably not asking the right questions.

I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT CUBASE PRO 9 TO COME TO MY STUDIO AND SEE WHAT I AM DOING WRONG WITH THE TWO ISSUES ABOVE. I WILL PAY THAT PERSON THE GOING RATE FOR SUCH A SERVICE. I have a composing deadline coming up on August 12 and I am getting nervous. I have composed a song to be played at a college president’s inauguration dinner. Two dancers will perform my piece. August 12 is “right around the corner” and I am frustrated that I cannot move forward with Cubase to get my piece finished in time. Help!

I’m reaching out to anyone in Los Angeles or nearby who might be interested in helping me. Again, I will pay for the one-on-one assistance. Would you consider my request or pass it along? I will provide contact information after we connect through the forum.

Please watch this free course…


Its for cubase 7… but will cover the 2 areas you need help with…

These bits are the same in cubase 9

Hope this helps…

Sent you a PM