Will Removing Old Versions of Cubase Trash Halion Sonic and Groove Agent SE

Hi there,

I’m now on Cubase 10 Pro.

I’m going to keep Cubase 9 and 9.5.

But I’d like to uninstall Cubase 7.5/8/8.5

Cubase 7.5 was the first install of Cubase on this PC so the content library was built from that initial install.

If I uninstall the above will Cubase know to keep ALL the files needed for Cubase 9/9.5/10 Pro or is there a chance I
will have missing content when I come to run Cubase 10 Pro.

Thanks for any light you may be able to shed on this question.



The libraries will be kept.

Great news, thank you for your quick reply.