Will REVerence be Atmos-compatible soon?

Just saw that the new version av Apple Logic Pro not only includes Dolby Atmos mixing, but also upgraded versions of their native plugins - like their convolution reverb plugin Space Designer which now supports up to 7.1.2. As far as I can see Steinberg’s equivalent REVerence is still only 5.0. Will there be an upgraded version soon or would I be better off ditching that thought and buying an expensive 3rd party reverb plugin instead?


Totally with you on this!


Yes! This would be awesome :sunglasses:

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Agreed. This is actually what I came to the forum tonight to complain about. I dont like anything iZotope makes and there are very few reverbs in stereo I like to begin with but REVerance is one of the few I actually like.
If a 7.1.4 version of REVerance was part of the v12 update, I’d have already made the switch for that alone.
If I have to wait for it because they’re taking the time to make sure I get a realistic acoustic simulation equipped with vertical and every angle of reflection for a truly impressive Atmos tool that makes me think my studio is a NY Studio or French Cathedral, I understand. But, if its not here yet because they’re not working on it yet, Im very disappointed.

Not what you are after directly, but I’ve found two surround reverbs that I like the sound of. Both are from Liquid Sonics. Cinematic Rooms is an algorithmic reverb designed to be surround and does a really good job. One of the first algo verbs I’ve not disliked. Scales to 7.1.6 and handles crossfeed between all channels properly.

Seventh Heaven Professional is a hybrid-convolution reverb, but is a capture of a Bricasti M7, which is a hardware algo unit. Some of the best sounding reverbs I’ve ever heard, even when it is 100% wet. While that unit is stereo, they just added 7.1.6 support to the plugin. It is not a true surround calculation, it is basically 6 of them being run in parallel with the logic to do crossfeed, but it works pretty well.

Both are worth checking out, they have a free trial (requires iLok software but doesn’t need the dongle) if you want full atmos reverb.

I’m not aware of any convolution atmos verb and that may be something hard to get because it would likely need a TON of convolutions to do. So if you wanted something where you had a 7.1.6 space and you could basically pan something around it and have it move like you’d get with a true stereo reverb, you’d need like 169 convolutions, because each of the 13 input channels (presuming we exclude the sub) would need to be convolved for each of the 13 output channels. That is going to kill even a high end system. Never mind what you’d need to do to capture that kind of image.

More realistic might be something that did ambisonic reverb and used that. Waves actually did that with their IR-360 plugin for 5.1, but it doesn’t have any support for higher channel count, nor will it work directly on ambisonic busses near as I know.

VSL’s upcoming MIR 3D will be able to supply pretty much any output format you can think of, as it relies on 3rd order Ambisonics throughout its whole signal path.

I wouldn’t call it “ATMOS-compatible” in the actual sense because it won’t move objects (which the concept actually offers) through space, but it will feed all your speakers with properly panned and spatialized signals no matter where they are. :wink:

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Yeah I’ve tried demos of all of those mentioned above. There’s a lot of good, and expensive, stuff out there. My favourite that really does the job is NUGEN Audio Paragon, which is a convo reverb supporting up to 7.1.2. But it’s like $600, and for someone like me who just does Atmos occasionally it’s kind of hard to motivate the cost.

Ya the cost can be an issue for sure. The non-pro version of Cinematic Rooms is probably the cheapest out there at $200, but you do lose the ability to tweak surround parameters.

I think it in part is just expensive to develop this new stuff, but also that companies are just trying to cash in while Atoms is still a high end thing.

Most Atmos mixers prefer to “brew their own” Atmos reverb using stereo verbs.

Much more important, IMO, is to get Spatial Audio monitoring. Imperative for Apple Music workflow & deliverables. This should be the top priority if Nuendo is going to be a serious contender for mixing Atmos music.

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Just a note that Flux Ircam Verb goes up to 7.1.4. And they just quietly added that in a recent update at no cost. Quite a different business model to the likes of Exponential/Izotope.

Verb may not be the most advanced but it does sound great in many applications.

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