Will Roland A-49 WH be working with Cubase 7/8 ?

Hi everyone.

So, I’ve decided to buy Roland A-49 WH due to absent of Yamaha’s usb-mid keyboard at sale.

Well, will Roland A-49 WH be working well with Cubase 7/8 ?

What any software do I need to have dispite of USB-MID driver to make Roland A-49 WH working well ?

Perhaps, Cubase 7/8 does requires some specific VST sotware for Roland A-49 WH, which I, unluckly, do
not know.

Thanks for Your attention and I expect to some feedback too.

Hi and welcome,

Yes, it will. There is no reason, why it shouldn’t work. Maybe this keyboard is plug-and-play, so you don’t need any driver. If yes, just use dedicated driver downloaded from the Roland webpage. No, Cubase doesn’t need any specific software for the MIDI keyboard.