will settings be saved after switch

hi there,

i’ve just ordered a new pc with windows 7 64 and i’m also upgrading from cubase 4 to 6. once all my plugins are installed i should be able to just copy all my files from my old pc (xp 32bit) via an external harddrive to my new one and open my cubase 4 projects in cubase 6, right???

In theory :laughing:

worked for me but then I’m still on C6 32bit!

cheers split, it will be cubase 6 32bit i install anyway, i dont want to loose my liquidmix, i’ve spent hours upon hours trying to plan my new setup to both avoid issues and making sure it is actually an upgrade that looking into this simple issue totally slipped my mind, no matter how much you trudge through the net it’s always after you order your gear you find potential problems :unamused: