Will somebody please walk me thru a Master/Slave setup?

I don’t want to get too complicated with it. I have a desktop Dell PC [i5 quadcore 64-bit w/8GB RAM that is running (pretty much only) Cubase Elements 8] and I mainly record/sequence the MiDI of & record the audio from my hardware synths (and the occasional bass guitar) with a Scarlett 18i8, MIDIsport 2x4, and QUADRA THRU.
I have a Dell 2000 (think it’s a duo core i3 x64 maybe?) laptop which runs C5. Id like to use the laptop for only VST(s) and treat such as its own instrument - as if it were one of my hardware synths.
How can I sync the laptop up with my desktop?
(i.e. desktop = master, laptop = slave)

Will someone please walk me through exactly what I need to do? I only have USB connection for both computers.


You’ve got 2 different ways of doing that.
First is using VST system link. This requires both computers to have audio and midi IO available.
VST system link is part of Cubase (Check if it’s available in both versions of Cubase you’re using)
Second is using something like Vienna Ensemble Pro, which requires both computers to be on the same network. Note that you’ll need the Pro version which isn’t cheap. The free version can only host Vienna instruments.

For the first option I don’t need Pro, do I? If I understand you correctly then I don’t.
Once I get said timing connection established, I want to be able to sync the projects within the DAWs. Does/Would this follow the same protocol?

I am not interested in option two as my budget is super low.

Correct, if both versions of Cubase you own have VST system link you don’t need any additional software.
VST system link syncs using SPDIF signal between both audio interfaces. If you don’t have SPDIF it won’t work.
That and it’s a pain to set up apparently. I’ve never done it so I wouldn’t know, I just know it’s an option :wink:

If you google for VST system link you’ll find plenty of forum posts about it’s uses and pitfalls, and also some alternatives that may be worth looking at.

like this one:

Great thank you.