Will Someone Please Help a Rookie?

Routing in Cubase is killing me. All I want to do is record an external audio input to my Quad-Capture interface. I have read threads and watched tutorials but apparently there is something I’m missing.
Got signal at the interface but nothing at the mixer. Please look at my routing configuration (attached) and tell me what I’m doing wrong. I have tried every possible configuration I can think of. It shouldn’t be this tough. Please Help!

External Instruments.PNG
VST outputs.PNG
VST inputs.PNG

You don’t provide enough details for us to help you.

What kind of external audio input are you talking about? Microphone? Maybe you forgot to turn phantom power on? If it’s a keyboard or a MIDI module, how do you route the MIDI signal? Your MIDI controller should be connected to your tone generator, not to the computer.

Maybe if we can start ruling something out, we can better help you.

I’m trying to record the audio output of a Korg X3 using onboard sounds, so it has nothing to do with midi. It’s simply an audio signal.


Expand the bus on External Instruments, to make sure the inputs are active.

By adding as an External Instrument, I usually add to the project as an Instrument Track, rather than a midi track

You don’t need to add it as an external instrument if all you want to do is record audio. Just route the outputs from the X3 to the inputs on your interface, create a stereo track for your audio (or two mono tracks), select those inputs as the source for recording on that(those) track(s), hit record and then play the keyboard.

Are you using an instrument track? if so - use the rack or define a stereo Instrument for use with instrument tracks.

Ya, I think I got it now. It’s just harder for me to visualize signal path this way without a diagram of the routing paths in C7 and I have tried to find one.

Appreciate all the help.


In previous Cubase versions detailed routing paths are shown graphically in the manual, in the new C7 Op.Man these are all gone, so you might have a look at an older manual with the VST Mixer.
There is a live control room graphic mixer overview in Cubase itself if your using the control room feature to help understand that.