Will Steinberg introduce Direct Offline Processing to Wavelab?

It would be nice to apply ribbon actions (like loudness and level changes, etc) as DOP in the same way that you can in Nuendo and Cubase. Any chance this will be a feature coming to Wavelab?

I think you mean processing on montage clip? Yes this is on the todo list, but don’t ask for a date.

+1 for this. Ability to Direct Offline Process with 3rd party plugins like Pro Tools AudioSuite would be great as well. Having to insert plugins in the Global Master Section and manage the bypass state of each one is clunky.

Bonus points if we can do this directly in the montage and use a form of playlists to save alternate versions or states of the files so that if we need to revert to the original sound for a certain section, it can be done in seconds.