Will Steinberg send me USB dongle in the mail?

I bought Cubase 11 and the USB-licenser from Steinberg’s Online Store. I assume they will send me the dongle in the mail? If so, I have not received confirmation that they will, or if they have sent it… Do they send it out right away? What’s the time frame? I’m just surprised that I haven’t been sent an email or anything in regards to the dongle. Any insight would be great! Thank you in advance!

Make sure it is in your order. I just recently upgraded from elements to Artist. I was wondering why it wasn’t the correct price. The found out it wasn’t added. It did take a couple days to get a response that it is shipped.

Yeah, I made sure to order it and it’s on my invoice. Huge runaround and still no answer from “customer service” after 5 days. No email, no nothing from the Steinberg Store. So I spend $340 on a product that I can’t even use. What a joke.